Whether you're wearing a glamorous yellow gold chain around your neck or a giant rock on your finger, you'll generally be very safe out in public. But...

Bali, a jewel of Indonesia, is known for its enchanting beauty and welcoming culture. However, the question of safety, particularly concerning wearing jewelry, has surfaced due to some recent incidents.

Understanding the Risks

While Bali is generally considered extremely safe for travelers and expatriates, it’s essential to be aware of certain risks. Like any popular tourist destination, Bali is not immune to petty crimes, including theft. Recent incidents involving jewelry theft have highlighted the need for extra caution.

Recent Incidents of Concern

Necklace Ripped While on Motorbike: An Australian male tourist had his silver necklace taken right off his neck by what appeared to be a fake Gojek driver. This occurred in the late hours in Kuta.

Jewelry Store Theft in Kuta: The theft at a Kuta jewelry store by a foreign national underlines the importance of security measures in commercial areas.

High-Value Mugging in Legian: The mugging of a British couple for jewelry worth over $36,000 in a busy tourist area is particularly alarming, suggesting that even well-traveled areas are not immune to crime.

Neighborhood Theft in Klungkung: A local incident of jewelry theft highlights that residents, too, must be vigilant.

Is it Safe to Wear Jewelry in Bali, Kuta? Man and Woman in Walking in Ubud | Endabel

Safety Tips for Tourists and Expats

Although it’s exceedingly unlikely you’ll be targeted for your jewelry, follow these safety precautions to make it even more unlikely while you’re in Bali:

The most effective measure is to not wear flashy jewelry late at night while you’re alone. This alone will prevent running into almost every potential theft situation – while out and about.

Be Discreet: Avoid displaying expensive jewelry or accessories in public places.

Stay Vigilant: Especially in crowded areas, keep an eye on your belongings.

Use Safety Deposits: Many accommodations offer safety deposit boxes – use them to store valuables.

Be Aware of Surroundings: Pay attention to your environment, especially in less crowded or poorly lit areas.

Authorities’ Response and Assurance

Bali’s law enforcement agencies are actively working to address these issues. The police are investigating these incidents thoroughly, although challenges like lack of witnesses have been a hurdle.

Importantly, Bali’s tourism officials have reassured the public about the island’s safety. The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, emphasized Bali’s reputation as a safe destination, suggesting that these incidents, while serious, are not the norm.

The Balinese Perspective

In Bali, community and harmony are deeply valued. The Balinese community often comes together to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone, including visitors. Local initiatives and neighborhood watches are common, adding an extra layer of security.


While Bali remains a very safe destination, recent incidents of jewelry theft highlight the need for caution. By taking simple precautions and staying aware of their surroundings, visitors and residents can continue to enjoy all that Bali has to offer.

The island’s beauty, culture, and warmth remain undiminished, inviting travelers to experience its unique charm with peace of mind.

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